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Inclusive by Design: Creating Better Experiences


September 07, 2023 | Start from 16.00 WIB

Session recordings are now available!

Event Description


A dynamic class that explores the fusion of inclusivity and design. We'll showcase how intentional design can seamlessly integrate diverse needs. Shape a future where design is both visually stunning and socially impactful, breaking barriers and enriching lives.


Don't miss it, write down the schedule, okay!


πŸ“… Thursday, September 07, 2023
⏰ 16:00 WIB
πŸ“ Zoom Webinars
🎟️ FREE!!!

Watch the recording webinar here!

Learning Component

  • Complete Video Guide
  • 100% Free
  • FAQ Forum

Learning Outcomes

  • Inclusive Design?
  • The Principles
  • The role of research & emphaty